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This is a very simple design to act as a graveyard fence, that looks nice and will act as a basic boundary for your graveyard. It is very easy to build and fairly inexpensive. Each section cost us about $15 to make. To build one, six foot long,  section of chain fence you will need the following materials.

7 - Feet of black or silver plastic chain
1 - 3"x10' ABS Pipe
2 - 3" ABS pipe caps
4 - Eyelet screws (1/2"?)

The Fence Posts
Cut the ABS pipe in half, so that you have two pieces that are five feet long each. Place an ABS pipe cap on one end of each piece of pipe and hammer down using a rubber mallet until the cap is fully seated on the end of the pipe. In most cases the cap will be snug enough that you won't need to use ABS pipe glue to secure it.

As a means to connect the plastic chain to the fence posts, we used screw-in metal eyelets. First, pre-drill a hole half the diameter of the eyelet screw two inches below the bottom lip of the pipe cap on each side of the pipe. Pre-drilling the holes all the way through the pipe makes it much easier to screw the eyelets in. Next, using pliers, screw in an eyelet all the way into each of these holes. For the best look, the eye of the eyelet should be horizontal to the pipe (see picture).

Note - For the end fence posts, you will only need to use one eyelet.

Even though the ABS pipe is already black in color, it is somewhat shiny and has the pipe size and other specifications printed in white letters down one side. We wanted a flat black look, so we paint each fence post with a coat of inexpensive flat black spray paint. This also covers the shiny metal eyelets.

Begin by digging a one foot deep hole large enough in diameter for a fence pole to fit into. You can use either a narrow bladed shovel or a post hole digger to dig the hole.

Making sure that the eyelets are oriented in the desired direction for the chain, slide the base of a post into the hole and then fill with dirt around the post. Tamp the dirt down around the base of the post firmly. Repeat this process with another post six feet away until you have buried all of your fence posts.

The Chain
While you can use metal chain, it is very expensive, heavy and difficult to cut. We used heavy-duty, two-inch-link plastic chain available from Mr. Chain. They carry a wide variety of plastic chain in various sizes, strengths and colors. Black or silver looks best for a Halloween fence, but they also make orange chain.

To attach a length of chain between two posts, we made a cut in the end links of the section of chain using a very fine hacksaw blade. You can now use two pair of pliers to spread the cut apart just enough to slip the link over an eyelet.

A variation of this design that is very festive looking is to paint the ABS pipe cap orange and then use orange plastic chain.


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