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To create a small, spooky looking picket style Halloween graveyard fence. In this article we will show you how we built this fence using materials from our local hardware store.

3 - 1"x2"x8' Boards
22 - 9/16"x1-3/8"x17-1/2" Wooden Survey/Grade Stakes
44 - 1-1/4" Nails

We first cut the boards so that we had two that were five feet long and four that are two and a half feet long. The long boards are the fence braces and the survey stakes will act as the pickets.

To build the five foot long section of our Halloween fence, we laid the two five foot long boards on a flat surface separated by seven inches on the inside. We placed a picket (survey stake) on top of the two fence braces at either end, two and a half inches from one end and four inches of the picket extending below the bottom fence brace, and nailed the picket to the two brace boards.

Next, we added eight more pickets in between the two end pickets for a total of ten. Since this is a Halloween fence, we didn't want it to look perfectly built or new, so we spaced our pickets at slightly different distances apart and a few of them at slight angles. We did keep the bottoms of the end pickets at the same distance below the bottom fence brace (four inches) so that it would sit straight.

For the two small Halloween fence sections, we followed the same method that was used for the long section, except we used a total of six pickets per section. On one of the small sections, one end picket was placed right at the end and another picket two and a half inches from the other end. One the second small section we did the same, except reversed the placement of the pickets at the ends. We stained the entire fence with a light brown colored, water-based stain.

Lastly, we attached the two small fence sections to the long fence section using the four small hinges. This allows us to angle the smaller sections, so that the fence will not fall over. It also lets us fold these sections back against the larger section for easy storage. We also painted the hinges to roughly match the color of the wood to camouflage them.


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