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Remember, no matter how great your Halloween graveyard looks, it must be illuminated at night for people to see it. Blue or green light is our color of choice for anything ghostly such as graveyards and haunted houses.

Colored Flood Light Bulbs
Halloween Graveyard LightingOutdoor colored flood lights are great for illuminating large area's with just the right light and come in red, green, blue and yellow for special occasions or special lighting effects.

We use the halogen floods because they are only 75watts, opposed to 150watt incandescent colored lamps, so we save energy while getting the same amount of light.

We always try to use the lights in a way that the light is not focused directly on any area, but is indirectly lighting a section. The flood light fixture should always be hidden from view when ever possible. Place them behind things such as tombstones or other props. These bulbs get very hot, so use proper safety precautions. Make sure you don't overload your circuit breakers!

Colored Party Light Bulbs
Halloween Graveyard LightingFeit Compact Fluorescent Party Light bulbs are a great way to illuminate a small area or specific Halloween prop. These twist-type fluorescent bulbs give out the equivalent of 60watts, but only use 13watts, and produce much less heat as conventional incandescent bulbs.

These bulbs come in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, orange, yellow and black light. You can find these bulbs in most hardware stores year round.

Bulb Fixtures
We like to place our Halloween special effect light bulbs in aluminum parabolic clamp-on shop light fixtures. The eight and a half inch wide parabolic reflector allows us to direct the light and conceals the back and sides of the bulb. Since it will clamp on to just about anything, placement and positioning of the lamp is easy.

To make the lamp fixture less visible, we spray paint the outside with flat black stove paint to better conceal it. Stove paint is designed for high temperature applications. Do not paint the inside as this will drastically reduce its ability to reflect the light and cause the fixture to heat up more.

These fixtures usually have a rating of up to 150watts, but you should make sure that the bulb you want to use is below that. You can find clamp-on shop light fixtures and stove spray paint in most hardware and department stores. Don't overload extension cords or allow them to run through water or snow on the ground.

Faders and Remotes
Since Halloween only takes place on one night, timers are usually not necessary, but faders and controllers can make your life easier and add to your overall effects.

A Cross Fader is a light controller that allows you to plug two different lights into the controller and will fade back and forth between the two. Or you can plug just one light into it and it will slowly fade on and off. The one pictured to the right simply plugs into a wall outlet. They are available from The Winfield Collection.

A wireless remote control allows you to remotely, and covertly turn lights on and off with the push of a button. The Lamson outdoor light remote control switch plugs into any standard outlet inside or outside. Providing a fifty foot range, it requires a 9-volt battery.

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