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Below are some of the important final touches we do when setting up our tombstones and graveyard. But remember, if you want realism, too little or to much can spoil the effect. Its very important not to over do your  tombstone enhancements or they will not appear to be the real thing.

For an added effect we like to attach a artificial raven, crow or vulture to the top of a tombstone as thought he is perched and watching over that particular grave. The ones we use have a metal wire sticking out from each foot allowing you to push these wires into the top of a tombstone to hold the bird in place. You can also position some artificial crows and maybe an owl in the trees as well. Artificial ravens, crows, owls and vultures are available from local craft stores.

Place small bouquets, wreaths or vases of wilted flowers at the base of a few of your tombstones and monuments. These can be real flowers that have been allowed to dry and wither, or you can buy artificial flowers from a local craft store. Autumn or winter flowers tend to look best. You can even find black or gray colored flowers and roses, which look especially ominous in a Halloween graveyard! Simple touches like this can really add realism to your graveyard.

If you are assembling a small fence enclosed graveyard for indoor use that will be on a cement, tile, brick floor, you can simulate the ground by placing a inexpensive piece of carpet on the floor inside the fence, then spread some Spanish Moss or decorative wood chips over the top of it. Spanish Moss can be bought at craft stores and colored wood chips can be found in the gardening department at major hardware stores.

Enhance the appearance of your graveyard fence by adding fake spider web to the corners and Spanish moss along the bottom.

Make a base for your tombstones. Instructions coming soon.


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