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Needless to say, tombstones are the back-bone of any Halloween graveyard. Buying and/or making your Halloween tombstones and other types of  monuments is the first step in creating a spooky atmosphere for a haunted graveyard. Concider that a graveyard should be a mix of various types of tombsones and grave markers.

Homemade Tombstones
How to make your own basic tombstones.
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Economical Tombstones
A buying guide for low cost tombstones.
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High End Tombstones
Your buying guide to high-end tombstones.
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Wooden Tombstones
How to make simple wooden tombstones.
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Grave Markers
How to make cross grave markers.
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Securing Tombstones
Methods for securing tombstones to the ground.
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Tombstone Placement
Tips for arrainging your tombstones.
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