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In the old days, many people made grave markers from planks of wood instead of using stone tombstones. This was especially true for the poor and those of lesser means.

Unlike a basic cross, these were marked with the deceased name and date of birth and death, other sometimes an epitaph. The lettering was usually carved or burned into the wood with some sort of tool or even a knife.

Making tombstones out of wood is a lot like making them from foam as described in our homemade tombstones article, except that wood boards are used. You may adjust the size of the boards to make smaller or larger markers.

There are two different ways to secure the marker depending on whether in will be on dirt or a grass lawn. You will want to build your markers with this in mind.

For complete how-to instructions for making Wooden Grave Markers visit the HalloweenTombstones.com website.



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